PH3 – Polygon Hash House Harriers

  • PH3 welcomes both runners and walkers and, generally, has trails for both
  • The hash runs on a Thursday
  • Runs last around an hour
  • Runs take typically takes place within 15 miles of the Larnaca and Dhekelia area
  • Current hash fees are 4€ per person
  • Winter runs begin at 4pm, spring and autumn runs at 5pm, summer runs at 6pm

New hashers, either experienced or brand new to hashing, are always very welcome.  Click on the Home tab to find details of this week’s runs.

PH3 1500th Run. Tochni, September 2009

9 responses to “PH3

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  2. What an amazing site this is! We will study the map for directions when we get to Xylofagou. Please e mail the menu as suggested.

    On On

    • Glad you like the site :-)

      A copy of the menu is on its way to you. More details for the run, including directions to the start, should posted here some time over the weekend.


  3. Looking forward to returning to Cyprus Friday 16th July. Where is the “on on ” 22nd July?

    • The run is in Meniou, the hares are Jennitalia & Rampant Rabbit and the On On is at Tony’s Bar & Grill in Pervolia.

      Have a good flight on Friday!

    • Looking forward to seeing you on the 22 July.
      We have to pre-order the food for the on-on, so if I can have your email address I will forward the menu so that you can make your choices.

      Jenny (Jennytalia)

  4. A good solution to this is to show and explain the signs used at the RV prior to that run. It helps inexperienced hashers to know the signs and is a must for visiting hashers. Another good point is to lay arrow directions when the pack leaves for the late arrivals, saves them wasting time on checks, dont want to lose anybody.

    On On


    • Both excellent ideas. Periodic reminders in the circle as well as an online reference that newbies can refer to as needed.

      Also, it’s probably worth noting that many experienced hares are happy to have new hashers shadow them while they are on a recce or laying all or part of a trail. It all helps with getting that vital experience before setting a first run.

      If someone wants to volunteer to have a go at drafting a ‘signs & markings’ document then that’d be much appreciated :-)


  5. It would be a good idea if a “seasoned” hasher were to post the trail signs most commonly used on Cyprus hashes (e.g Check backs, False trail etc) Also the ruling on when these are used. This will help new hashers who are very nervous about laying their first trails. Nobody wants to be told after they take the trouble of laying a hash what they should have done! Hopefully this will give new hashers more confidence in volunteering to lay a hash.