Links and Stuff

Links to other resources

  • Wikipedia’s entry on Hashing
  • UK Hash House Harriers For information about, and the location of, all of the UK hashes.  It also provides information on some European hashes.
  • Hash Space for connecting with other hashers.  Invitation only, contact Sweetie if you’d like an invite.
  • Half-Mind. A fantastic start point for anything you need to know about hashing in the Americas.  It also has a fair amount of information on the history of hashing.
  • The Hash Space wiki.  The free encyclopedia of hashing that anyone can edit.
  • The newly created Red Dress Run site.

First time as a hare?

Ask 10 regular hashers how to set a trail and you’ll get 11 different answers, probably more.  NH4 have a nice primer, it can be found here.  The Hash Space wiki has another, found here.

Why do some hashes run in red dresses?

Short version: many years ago a female was invited to a hash by a male hashers.  He failed to mention that she was attending a 5 mile run followed by lots of drinking; she turned up in a long red dress and high heels.  Undeterred she ran anyway.  In celebration of this madness some hashes have an annual red dress run where all hashers, male and female, complete the run in a red dress.

For a longer version, in the words of the Lady in Red herself, see here.  For more images of this insanity than you could possibly need see here.

Last updated: March ’10


2 responses to “Links and Stuff

    I was a hasher back in 1993-96 withh LH3 +PH and was the hash hare for 2years (George+ Pauline, Bill, Lynn, Gary and Julie, Ralph etc)
    Woulkd like to keep in touch and may visit next year

  2. Hi, trying to connect with your GM to extend an invitation to AH3 upcoming 1500th run. Many thanks Public Enema / Shaz x

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