NH4 – Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers

Welcome stranger

There’s a saying that a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. And what better way to meet friends than at a weekly gathering lubricated by beer? Well, there is that small matter of running before the beer, I suppose.

The Nicosia Hash House Harriers is one of many ‘kennels’ around the world dedicated to running and drinking. Due to the affectionate abbreviation of the hash, one can see how we might be confused as indulging in the hash of the other kind though such an assumption would be wrong.

Instead, we meet every Tuesday evening, rain or shine, for about an hour’s run/jog/walk around town before meeting back at the starting point for beer, our ritualistic circle, and last but not least, food. There is plenty of opportunity to talk to others as well as to see more of the town that you’re living in.

For more information come visit our website.