In memoriam: Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

1934 – 2011

Veteran of 454 Larnaca hashes and

a true Yorkshire gentleman who will be much missed.

Died on Monday 25 July 2011

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If anyone has photos that they would like to be added please email them to

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Feel free to leave any thoughts or recollections of Ken below. Some people who weren’t able to be at the interment sent messages and condolences via email which Anne and their family were grateful to receive. They are aware that this page has been created so may drop in from time to time.

So if you have a particular memory of Ken, or simply wish to offer condolences then please do.


8 responses to “In memoriam: Ken Johnson

  1. Ken, a true gentleman. A great sense of humour that we will miss. He fought the fight as a true soldier would. Brave till the end. Our thoughts are with Anne and the family.

    Sandy and Phil.

  2. Ken was a true hasher, always willing to take on any task. He was Hash Beer until his old pickup, Bertha, gave up the ghost and, with his keen eye and quick wit, no misdemeanour went unpunished when he was RA. He and Anne set some memorable runs too. But above all, Ken was a fine man – honest, decent and a proud and loving father and grandfather.

  3. Ditto for us on the above comments about our friend Ken. Ken was a witty and charming gent of the old school who could be counted on, but who never seemed to feel it necessary to blow his own trumpet. Even as his health declined, Ken continued to make a strong contribution to the community we know as the Hash. We will miss his cheerful presence.

    On on, Private Parts.

  4. Private Parts, thank you for your many contributions to LH3, in partcular, your dry sense of humour and when the opportunity arose and you did RA you never shirked and always made a refreshing contribution. We all admired your determination as even with your illness you were always determined to finish the hash.

    We enjoyed finishing the Daily Telegraph crosswords – bet you have all the answers now !

    Maureen was very upset when I announced the news “a kind, generous and considerate gentleman” and sends her sympathy to Anne and your boys, as do we all.

    On-on to the unlimited Keo !

    Teresa, Garry, Leila, Natasha and Roseanna.

  5. Our daughter Tamsin looked forward to the Larnaca hash because Ken always had a chocolate bar in his car for her!! She would get there and look for Ken then walk with Anne.

    Our sympathy and thoughts to Anne and all the family at this sad time.

  6. Ken was one of the fastest walkers I’ve ever seen! Anne and I would spot him with his unique stride well ahead of all the walkers and sometimes fast on the heels of the back runners. There would be many times however that we would approach a formidable looking climb and whose head would suddenly pop up but Ken’s with an outstretched hand to haul the two of us up or push us from behind and then off he’d go again!

    Ken was a very kind and thoughtful person who would always be there to give a helping hand or a boost up when needed no matter whom you were or whatever the circumstances.

    I will dearly miss my friend Ken.


  7. Once the cooler weather comes I’ll take great pleasure in planting the last of the stash of assorted chilli seeds that Ken gave me our first year here.

    That was him to a T: always keen to share, be it information on where to get a good deal or a how to best grow a plant.

    Charming and unfaltering. He will be very much missed.


  8. Ken was a real gentleman. Strong and steadfast – someone you could trust. I shall miss his dry wit, his observations on life, and his recommendations as to where to acquire a decent bottle of Red Wine!

    I am sad to see him go, but happy i had five years of his company. Ian

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