LH3: Sartorial mishaps

You never quite know what you’ll see on a hash and this week was no different.

Wombat was back on the island for a summer visit and ended up being awarded the wally gear on his first return hash.  It proved very useful on his second: the shocking pink leg warmers were the perfect solution for his falling-apart-trainer problem.  Larnaca hashers can be an inventive lot at times.

Meanwhile it seems that starting a hash from the beach in the summer can bring unexpected sights.  As folks gathered they were able to watch a newly married couple pose for several hundred photos on the beach and the surrounding rocks.  It’s worth noting that walking across rocks in wedding shoes, wearing a full-length wedding dress and trying to control a veil in strong winds can be a challenge.  She didn’t fall in the water, but she came awful close.

It has to be said that she was particularly laid back and relaxed about the entire affair; well, so it seemed from her willingness to hitch up her skirts in full view of 50 or so people.


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