SH3: Schedule of runs

On August 5 Health Hazard said:

half a dozen hashers from sh3 (scarborough) are out on our annual jollies, 29th aug—–8th sep.  is there any up to date run lists, so we can plan our attacks

Which caught some of the us on the hop.  Most of the hare raisers have hares lined up for those dates, but the location often comes just a week or two in advance!

Talking to the others involved this is what information is available right now; as other details get confirmed I’ll add them in.  Directions to each run, and details of On Ons if there are any, will be available in the post for each individual run.

Hopefully that’s enough to get started with the planning!


One response to “SH3: Schedule of runs

  1. Thanks Mandy thats realy helpfull,
    cant make first Sunday 29th as flight gets in late
    but all being well be there monday night
    in Kellia
    Mark & Sue

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