DH3: April 14 2010

Date: Wednesday April 14, 2010

Time: 1700

Location: Vrysoulles / Frenaros road

Hare’s Directions:

From Dhekelia: Head up the corridor road towards Ay Nik & Vrysoulles. Turn right onto the Frenaros road at 2nd Georges restaurant. Approximately 1.5 miles up this road you will come to a crossroads and some house build signs. To the left is a dirt track. Take the right hand turn up the tarmac road where the house build signs are. (If you get to the bend with the 65kph limit you’ve gone too far!!). After about a mile down this road there is a another crossroads. Park on either side of the road just before this.

From Ay Nik: Head down into the village, turn left for Frenaros & then as above.

From Frenaros: Take the Vrysoulles road. Turn left at the crossroads just after the bend with the 65kpm limit.

Hare(s): Chris & Yuko

On Inn: Kleftiko’s or Xilino if anyone’s interested.


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